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Sep 18, 2014


I just really like black.
Sep 18, 2014

I just really like black.

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How did I get here?

I’m at a place that’s so unfamiliar
Nothing is how it started
Nothing is the same
How did we go from friends to strangers
Laughter to frustration
How did I get here
Where do we go from here
We cannot grow from here
I lost a friend back there
I lost my direction
Please help me find my way
This stump of a pain has left me astray
This too shall pass
This too won’t last long
I’ll find my way home soon
Once I stitch my aching hearts womb

Lost thoughts after midnight.


every fucking day
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every fucking day

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National lipstick day
Jul 29, 2014

National lipstick day

Jul 22, 2014

Strange Clouds

My energy has been quite low
My words have been quite slow
My light feels dim to dull
I am thankful to remain alive
Although life has felt dead
I remain positive
Although negative thoughts pass my head

Strange clouds have come again
Next the rain will pour
Later it will dry and i will be sane
For now, its just strange clouds

Happy birthday young Zanay


Ariona Zanay
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Ariona Zanay

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Boom. Crackle.  Pop 
The sound of a special moment
The sound of memories being made
Jul 14, 2014

Boom. Crackle. Pop
The sound of a special moment
The sound of memories being made

Jun 14, 2014

The Call

You’ve ever been afraid to answer the phone because the outcome of the conversation is undetermined until its actually picked up.
The sound of the ring becomes the only outside noise you hear as your faced with a decision to make. That moment yes, that quick second can change a lot.
Its the moment between you realizing this may become a positive or negative reaction to your future. Faced to either answer life and possibly death can be one of the most critical decisions.
To hear an upset cry with a tone of sorrow having just enough voice to deliver a message of fearful news.
To hear mourning from in the shallow background of voices that once had lifted spirits and songs from the heart.
To hear a joyful laugh of great praise and celebration from a mouth on the opposite side spreading the news of peace and thoughtful applause.
To hear a firm but pleasant voice of appreciation and promotion suggesting great future plans.
You’ve ever been faced with the sound of a ring that may alter your future. The only thing now is to confront the decision by picking it up.
Our fears are what test us, what make us, what shapes us. Its our choice whether to answer the phone or wait to still face a factor that can only be a factor once we allow it. Never realized how much one call could alter, one voice could change.